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Decal FAQ

(That means Frequently Asked Questions...trust me, someone will ask)

Good Reading before getting started:

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
How to Report Bugs Effectively

Please don't email any of the people listed in the two links above. They are purely informative pages - their authors will either ignore you or give you a blank stare if you ask them about Decal - They are not Decal support!

Update - We've locally mirrored the excellent "How to Report Bugs Effectively" article with the authors email removed (at request), due to people's inability to read the above warning. *Please* do *not* email anyone listed in those articles.









Where can I get Decal?

Right Here

Where can I get some Decal plugins?

Click the "Plugins" link at the top, or just hit the "Add/Remove" button in DenAgent to get a list of all the advertised Decal plugins. You may also visit Empath's locally hosted Third Party Paradise page for all sorts of wonderful AC stuphage.

Where can I get the latest messages.xml or memlocs.xml?

You can just hit the "Update" button in Decal's Agent to download a new copy of all of the XML. They are downloaded from the root of this site (http://decaldev.sourceforge.net/messages.xml and http://decaldev.sourceforge.net/memlocs.xml)

If that's not good enough for you (which there's no reason it shouldn't be...), the official messages.xml site is right here. Memlocs.xml is ONLY available from this site.

Where can I get Beta or Release Candidate versions of Decal?

The only supported versions of Decal will be listed on the Decal Homepage. Previous versions are still available on the SF Project Site, but they were changed because something didn't work so you'll have to use the latest to get support.



Why do I get .dll related errors when installing Decal?

This is generally caused by not meeting the Decal System Requirements

When I download the Decal .MSI with Netscape and try to run it I am told "This installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package." Why is this?

This should be fixed in Decal 2.0 RC3 or higher

This means that your download was corrupted. It's probably because you're using Netscape.

The new Decal homepage will not let you download with any browser other than IE. You may still obtain Decal with other browsers directly through the Source Forge project page if you desire, but ymmv.


Can I move the Decal window to the blank space under the radar?

No. Decal must be in the 3D area.

Then can I move/resize the window inside of the 3D area?

If you upgrade Decal to the latest version, you can move it wherever you want. Resizing must be supported by the plugin author, but is also available now.

Why does Decal it keep installing itself when I open Internet Explorer or run Decal?

If you move or delete any of the things Decal installs, the Windows Installer will try to correct them. Upgrading to the latest Decal version should fix this problem. If you still have problems with this, please read the to the end of this FAQ and post about your problem.

Why am I getting the message "Could not Enumerate DirectDraw main object"?

Answer taken from Greyed's reply Here
This problem commonly occurs when the paths for AC in your registry are invalid. If you dual log and have run the 2 registry files that are involved, there is a good chance this is the problem. To solve this problem you can try a few things.

  1. Rerun the origional.reg file to reset your path statement (note: filename may not be the same, run whatever .reg file points everything to your main AC Directory)
  2. Open regedit to the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Asheron's Call\1.00 and verify that the paths in there ALL point to your AC install dir.
    - InstallationDirectory
    - path
    - PortalDat

If the above fixes don't work for you, check them again, check the .reg file and make sure there are two(2) backslashes in the path divisors (e.g.. "InstallationDirectory"="C:\\Games\\AC\\Asheron's Call"). This IS the problem, and I have had multiple people swear up and down that the paths are correct, then come back a minute later and say 'oops I was missing a slash'.

Another idea sent to me by email
just wanted to pass along, I solved my Decal prob:'Could not Enumerate DirectDraw main object' by changing my previously FIXED swap file of 50MB to the DEFAULT, 'let windows manage'. Hope this helps others....

Decal crashes every time I try to enter AC!

Uncheck all of the plugins and try to enter AC. If that works, it's a plugin problem, not a Decal problem. Check them one at a time and enter AC until you find the troublemaker, then contact the person who wrote it for some help.
If you can't get into AC with no plugins checked, check the Tips section below for some ideas.

When I am running Decal and I ALT-TAB out of AC to do something else and come back to AC all of my Decal graphics are corrupted. I have to log my character out and relog in. Any fix for this?

Taken from this post
Turn off Z buffering. Look in the registry under AC there should be an entry that mentions Z buffing set it to 0.

Why do things run REALLY slow when I enter AC or open a specific plugin with Decal 1.1+?

There may still be some issues with transparency on some video cards or with certain drivers. Setting both of the values to 255 will disable this feature and should let you play normally again.

Also, a plugin developer can specify a transparency value for only their plugin, which would cause strange results on computers not "transparency compatible." Contact the plugin author to verify this.

Help! The servers were down for a while, then when I logged in a got a little progress bar while trying to get into AC, and now Decal keeps crashing AC!

Turbine has probably changed something (BADD70DD). First, try using the Update button in DenAgent and see if that fixes it (give it a day or so, as it takes the Decal developers some time to figure out the new memory locations and post them). It also might require a Decal upgrade, and possibly an update for a plugin or two. Be patient, and someone will figure it all out and post on the message board about it. If you really want it done quickly, then feel free to dig out a decompiler and search for the new memory locations.

Why are some of my plugins not doing the things they should?

You may need an updated XML which you can get by hitting the Update button in DenAgent.

When I start Decal I get a message like "The client version does not match the XML version..." Why is this?

There are a couple of things that might cause this. There will be 2 version numbers displayed in the message box. One of them is the version of client.exe (this is the actual AC program) and the other is for memlocs.xml (Decal's map of where it can find some nifty functions in client.exe). If these versions do not match, Decal will disable some features to prevent random crashing, then issue this warning to you. 


One reason they may not match is because AC has been updated (patch day) and memlocs.xml has not, which is the case when the "client version" is HIGHER than the "xml version". This can be fixed by hitting Update in the Decal Agent. Please give the Decal developers some time to find the new memlocs and get them posted. If they are not found within 24 hours of a client.exe change, a news item will likely appear on the Decal homepage explaining the situation.


It is also possible that the "client version" will be LOWER than the "xml version", or it may not be able to detect client.exe version at all. This can happen if you hit Update in Decal before logging in on/after patch day, and can be fixed by simply logging into AC, letting it do it's updating, then exiting everything and starting over. There is also a chance that some dual-logging programs are not modifying AC's registry values properly, and will cause Decal to detect an old client.exe version. This can even occur if you only used one of these methods in the past and have since stopped. Since dual-logging methods may vary, you need to talk to the developer of your particular method for a fix or workaround.


How can I uninstall Decal?

Open Control Panel and go to Add/Remove Programs. Remove any instances of Decal from the list, and any of your plugins.


My friend is using 6th sense. He heard his computer say "I see dead people" during a PK fight. Is this 6th sense?


Can someone create a "Book" type plugin so I don't have to carry around heavy books all time?

The main problem with this is Decal has no "edit box" like you're used to seeing in windows apps. The one it has is limited to one line, and that greatly reduces the effectiveness of a plugin such as this. Anything is possible though :)

Decal ate my homework/knocked up my cat/killed my grandmother! What can I do about it?

There is a place for people like you, and it's Right Here


Now that you've READ ALL OF THIS, feel free to post on the AC Dev Support board with any questions/comments/suggestions you may have:


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