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Decal is a plugin architecture for creating third-party tools for use with Asheron's Call. It is the creation of Cibo Matto. You can find a mirror of Cibo Matto's original Decal homepage here, but be warned that some of the information and binaries there are out of date.


Decal released.
    hazridi - 2004-01-06 02:27   -   Decal
I fixed this bug like a day after the old release, sorry guys. I was hoping it wouldn't pop up until next month ;P
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Decal released.
    hazridi - 2003-12-19 22:49   -   Decal
Remember that you also may need to update spellfilter, which can be obtained at http://decal.insanity-inc.org/
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For the october patch memlocs, you need Decal 2600+
    hazridi - 2003-10-29 15:00   -   Decal
And that means a release build, not a release candidate.

Also, I am aware that DenAgent reports itself as version in version It is the right version, however.
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